Instagram Top 9 – TopNine for Instagram
April 22, 2021

Instagram Top 9 – TopNine for Instagram

The site identified the publications that received the favorites and combined them into a collage of nine images. Another option is to create you’re best new by choosing photos and then organizing them into collages using Instagram’s own layout application.

Instagram Top Nine 2018 is an application that allows you to find and share the most popular photos and videos of the past year without having to log in. Create a collage and share it with your friends. You can choose “Photo only”, which does not include the total statistics for 2018 publications. Or you can keep the original version for your subscribers to know.

Tap and hold the photo to save it to your phone (you may need to open the photo in a new tab and save it). It is now ready to be shared on your Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Also, do not forget to add the # 2018BestNine tag to the title to broaden the audience of the collage.

The nine best of the Fox 13 are visible below:

At the end of this year, and over the last three years, become the Internet tradition, the collage of these nine most popular Instagram posts.


The nine best features of Instagram are great ways to review and remember what you did, like the millennial photo album.

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